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Run Boot Camp Assistant again. Then, Boot Camp installed easily, requiring only that I had a 16GB flash drive on which to place the Windows installation files.

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During this process, I encountered warnings from Microsoft's download pages stating that one shouldn't create a Bootcamp using a Creators Update. The warnings said to use the Anniversary Update instead. The only issue? Microsoft no longer offers an Anniversary Update version of Windows for download. Fortunately, this warning was unnecessary, as Microsoft reps confirmed to me that you can create a Boot Camp off of the recently released Fall Creators Update. But if you've got a more up-to-date machine — such as the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar that I also tested in this project — you can take advantage of the perks of Parallels currently available with a 20 percent off discount for Black Friday.

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Parallels' advantage on Boot Camp is that it runs the Windows 10 environment as an app, so you don't need to boot in and out of it, as you do with Boot Camp. This means you can use Mac apps side by side with Windows 10, as well, as drag and drop items between operating systems.

Parallels doesn't adjust your system by making you create a partition, so creating a backup isn't as important here though constant backups are every user's friend. While Parallels isn't free, there is a free day trial that you can use to see if the program is right for you. If you're going to use a Bluetooth controller more on that later , you've got to set Parallels up for that.

And when you go through the pairing process to link a controller to Windows, ignore any pop-ups from macOS that ask about a Bluetooth device that wants to pair. If Cuphead stalls on its title screen, minimize and then maximize the window, as that seems to nudge the game-save sync along. While you could just connect a gaming controller to your Mac via a USB cable — it's easier and not a bad idea if you're connecting to a laptop — you don't need to be tethered to your hardware like you're living in If you're using Parallels, make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your Mac.

Because Microsoft operates both Windows and the Xbox platform, connecting an Xbox wireless controller to a PC is supposed to be supereasy, working right out of the box. This taught me that you don't need to buy an Xbox controller, because greater consistency came with tricking PCs into using PS4 controllers. Under Lightbar, drag the sliders to change the setting to show a different color I turn G all the way up and lower R and B to 0. This will help you confirm when your controller is correctly paired.

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On your PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller, hold down on the Share and PS buttons for 3 seconds so the light bar flashes in short, fast bursts. If the screen asks you to enter a four-digit code, type "" and click OK.

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After a brief pause, the code should go through. EXE files will be associated with Wine and you can run them as you would on Windows.

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If you intend to use Windows on a laptop, you might find that battery life is about half what it is on OS X. Otherwise, Boot Camp provides a great way to use the full potential of your Apple hardware on the latest and greatest titles. More often than not this means running Windows on your Mac. Read More for detailed instructions. This guide covers every step and possible question you may have during installation. You might also want to consider some of these tips to improve your Mac gaming experience.

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On October 3, we released a patch update that will no longer support The Sims 4 on that operating system. If you want to continue playing the game while running macOS Lion Some examples of issues that players are seeing include trouble connecting, not receiving updates, and not seeing games in their Game Library. Not only does using the Beta version help with this issue, it also lets you test new Origin features early.

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  4. If you switch your settings from On to Off, uninstall and reinstall the Origin client to make sure you're running a non-beta version. If you switch from Off to On, all you need to do is restart the Origin client to let it check for beta updates.