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If however, you decide to get an external cooling fan, get the one that moves the air against your macbook and not towards it.

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Keep in mind that because you have a built in video, your CPU must work twice. One to run and play the game and the other, to provide processing power to you Intel graphics.

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Don't wait for that to happen. Word is it runs, but the machine gets hot and it's not very fun on the lower settings and the game is bound to be updated and thus run even slower than it is now. Nah, the 15" is too big for me. I need portability above performance.

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Almost went for the 11" Air, but I thought I might as well get the extra effect from the 13" MacBook Pro and have a comp that will last me longer. The 15" wouldn't have weighted that much more and lasted longer with OS X upgrades because of the dedicated graphics card. If you want to make that 13" last longer, use a external USB keyboard and mouse, avoid the built in keyboard and trackpad as much as possible.

Also keep it covered and don't wear jewelry as it can scratch the case, body chemicals mar the surface. Backup your data and don't move the computer while it's in operation as the hard drive is fragile. Any particular reason as to why I should use a external keyboard and mouse?

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Are the built in keyboard and trackpad prone to breaking or something? Right thanks: What about CSGO? CSGO you can handle with ease. Sparky04 Follow Forum Posts: Spellingiscool I'm just looking for a decent game I can get into when I'm bored at school. Any recommendations on what my Mac Book can handle? GD Follow Forum Posts: Link CS: GO medium settings x Diablo 3 Low settings x unless you're fine with crappy framerates Will run some other games at minimum - medium settings. Hope your school supplied the Mac?

I'm goin to give some source games a try. Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead sound nice. I love left 4 dead on Thanks again. Thanks for the link. That was really helpful.

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  • I decided for myself to get the Mac Book. I always wanted one: If it can run on the C2D that they recommended in , it will be able to run on anything newer.

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    • As long as your MBP has a decent video card, you should be fine. I usually have to run on low settings, but I play pretty quickly and don't appreciate any stuttering.

      The long awaited sequel is looking great

      The game runs fine though. I play for long periods, so sometimes things heat up, but nothing to be concerned about. I bought a MacBook pro back in and had no issues playing D3 when it came out.. I think I was like the 32nd DH in the world to hit max paragon when the max paragon was only The only thing is that after several years later, my same MacBook seems to be slower when I try playing D3. For example, today the game would take quite a bit of time to launch and the loading screens would take forever.

      Maybe it's just that my MacBook is getting old or the fact that they've added a lot more content to D3 since launch. I have a few friends to play D3 on MacBook pros one plays on MacBook air and I never hear them complain about anything and they always load faster than me.