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It's a free download and is available for Windows, Linux and the Mac, though the Mac version is experimental.

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Just like Guitar Hero, Frets on Fire features a handful of songs and allows you to play the guitar sections with just a few keys. Instead of using a separate controller to mimic the guitar, Frets on Fire lets you pick up the keyboard and jam right in front of your desk. Best of all, a built-in editor lets you tab any song, spawning a growing community of music-modders on the web.

After choosing a song from a stack of cassettes, a wire image of a guitar bridge shows on screen running from the foreground and vanishing into the distance. Five colored blocks line the bottom, each one representing a different key. Hold your keyboard like a guitar with the fret keys by your left hand and the pick Enter by your right reverse for us lefties. When the song begins, notes scroll down the screen and you must press the fret keys at the right time while tapping Enter to play the sound. Time it right and the song plays just as if you were listening to the real thing.

Make a mistake and you'll hear distorted guitar noise followed by a deafening and defeated silence. The Frets on Fire download comes with a few well-made songs to get you started, each one with several difficulty levels to hone your skills. The online forum features many more tunes from other players, though they won't share a space on the global high score board and usually feature just one or two levels of difficulty.

Analysis : Rhythm games add an entirely new dimension of fun to gaming: aural rewards. Frets on Fire takes that to a new level by allowing you re-create familiar tunes with nothing more than your keyboard. The reward isn't getting a high score, it's listening to the song playing on your speakers and knowing you were responsible for that. The feeling you get when you effortlessly land an impossible combination is amazing.

The in-game interface couldn't be simpler, but selecting songs can be cumbersome if you have a large playlist. The song editor is also a bit awkward and will take some practice before you can create anything decent. And while holding your keyboard like a guitar is the best way to go, Frets of Fire is just as playable on a flat desktop. Also worth mentioning is the extremely entertaining tutorial. Your host, Jurgen Guntherswarchzhaffenstrassen, walks you through the game and proves that he is, indeed, much cooler than you are.

As a warning to anyone with children: Frets on Fire is kid-safe, but like any game that encourages user-created content, not everything you download will be suitable. The tunes that come with Frets of Fire are alright, but some of the songs tagged by users may contain objectionable language. Windows : Download the free full version. Mac OS X : Download the free full version. Linux : Download the free full version.

Keyboards on Fire - A Frets on Fire music database. The front page has some rather uncouth language, but there are some nice songs on the site. Yeah, i been playing this for awhile. Pretty cool!!! For anyone having trouble with key combinations on their keyboard including some laptop folks , there's a workaround posted on the official site's FAQ :. A: Some keyboard manufactures reduce costs by making some key combinations impossible to press. This is especially true with laptop keyboards and some cheaper PC keyboards. The solution is to change the keys to different ones.

For example, swapping the Enter key with Shift should help a lot, or changing the frets to i. Use the key tester in the settings menu to check your chosen key set.

At first I wondered why there were so few comments on such a neat game. Now I have a suspicion why. Be VERY careful should you choose to download this, and especially any user-created content. It screwed up Windows so badly I ended up reformatting my hard drive. And yes, I have a good anti-virus that caught nothing. Obviously, it's working fine for some. I'm just giving a heads-up.

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Lizard, perhaps it was your anti-virus that messed things up for you? I downloaded the game and ran the latest version of Norton Antivirus on the downloaded files and it came up clean. I then installed the game, without any trouble what so ever, with my virus protection turned off.

Frets on Fire

Unless you can give specifics on what exactly you found, your claims of there being malware present are unsubstantiated. Still, your words of warning are applicable to this and any downloadable game for Windows and caution should always be taken. That is why I only use my Windows box for downloads and games that require a PC, leaving all my important work to be done on my much more secure unix-based Mac. I just can't stop playing this game.

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Congratulations for the default music too, these are very well chosen tracks, with several difficulty levels. The song "Defy the Machine" is just brilliant. The game is so addictive I didn't have time to think about how stupid I look using my keyboard as a guitar ;. Because this game is the only thing I've installed in a long time, it was probably the cause; I have no idea what exactly went wrong.

As you suggested, it might just be my particular system. Fortunately, I back up everything of significance, so nothing was lost but time and possibly a couple more of my proverbial marbles.

Apparently it's a language file for Cyrillic. I don't even have it on my PC.

Manually uninstall Frets On Fire 1.3.110 step by step:

There have been some reports of antivirus software returning false warnings for the game, but it's verifiably clean. Some graphics cards won't run the game well, but there's plenty of help on the forums for all the above. And by the way, hope you got your computer back up and running. That's usually an all-day affair of complete fun! I get vision distortion after playing a few songs in Guitar Hero and I have a feeling that Frets on Fire is pretty much the same thing. Relax your eyes after every song if you're worried about it. Windows refused to run in anything but command prompt without Cyrillic?

Anyway, I did get back up to speed with minimal "fun" involved. In a way, I feel cleansed of all the unnecessary junk I had on here, and may now begin to clutter anew, knowing that my Cyrillic language file will always be here to, um, help me. I figured out a good fingering position with a flat keyboard, but I can't figure out how to hold my keyboard like a guitar without cramming my thumb into a wierd position. If I put my thumb on F1, it get's jammed up with my other fingers. If I put it anywhere else, I can't reach the F5 key. Not that it matters because none of the starting songs use F5 key the purple fret.

Automatically uninstall Frets On Fire 1.3.110 with MacRemover (recommended):

I got this creepy folder thingy on my windows pc. And everything opens up into weird garbled notebook text. Can someone give me a windows walktrough? I'm just sad because my computer can't handle it. I want to play it soooooo bad. Any suggestions? You dont need to have your thumb on F1.

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Now everyone can play and be happy! I disagree with the view that points don't matter in a game like this. Well that and stars. But mostly points. When me and my friends play guitar hero 1 or 2 on pc we always go for points, because that's all that matters. Hitting hard combinations is great, but you can't really have an amazing score without doing that anyway, so it comes with the territory. Right when you look away from the screen it appears that things are moving around when they shouldn't, carpet looks like it is swimming etc.

It is very close to the visuals received when on mushrooms actually, but for a MUCH shorter period of time. Fun stuff. This must be the first game I LOVE to play on medium : Just started to play 3 days ago and its great to see the improvement. This game kept me playing till 10 in the morning and makes me go buy a new keyboard tomorrow :. It was very popular in parts of Asia several years ago I played an english version of it, but I'm not sure where I got it from.

Maybe you can review this also, Jay? I played Guitar Hero 2 a few weeks ago. The day after I did, I clicked this game randomly from the recommended section.